GW3110 AC Drive Mining Truck
GW3110 AC Drive Mining Truck
1, Load-supporting dump body and frame integration design makes a lower EVW & higher payload capacity and better fuel efficiency.
2, Independent double-rear axles drive the four rear wheels to rotate independently, providing better traction control on adverse ground conditions and also reducing tire scrubbing when cornering.
3, Independent suspension and axle swing technology have been developed for better road adaptability and a more comfortable ride.
4, AC transmission system results in less maintenance costs and longer intervals between servicing.
5, A wide-body dump design improves payload distribution on the dump body, mainframe and the rear axle, thus distributing the load more equally over the axles during running, and enhancing vehicle stability during loading.

Main specification
Drive line Independent Four Rear Wheel Electric Drive
Overall length 10,100 mm Overall width 6,350 mm
Overall height(Unloaded) 5,430 mm Payload 110 Ton/121Ton