GW series shipyard transporter connected successfully with another transporter brand

On Nov.28th, Our GW200B shipyard transporter is connected successfully with another Chinese transporter brand purchased three years ago in a shipyard in Panshi town, Leqing city.

For this connection, we conquered many difficulties caused by various differences between the two transporter brands. These differences include the following aspects: tread and wheel base, the lifting height of the platform, the sense system of the vehicle, the lifting and driving hydraulic system, the information monitoring system and the microcircuit control system etc. With the lowest cost-just install a connecting communication interface and a connecting brake air connector; within the shortest period-less than a month; with the fewest manpower-a designer and a circuit and pipeline restructuring person, we completed the process of mapping, planning, adapting, and finally, the successful connecting. This connecting tells that our transporter can achieve good compatibility with other products. As connecting our transporter with other transporter brands become easy to operate, it’s not a question any longer for shipyards to transport over-dimensional and over-weight cargos.

The success of this transporter connecting means another big promotion on the connecting technology. It is a good proof of our technical strength and lays a solid foundation on our developing of heavy-duty transporter market.