Application of our SPMT in heavy duty transportation project

Since 2009 entering into market, our self propelled module transporter shows its talent in internal oversized transportation field, successfully completed a large number of project in domestic heavy transportation.

1、The field of chemicals

From Nov. 26, to Nov. 30, 2010, the 30 axles SPMT (red color) of ours, it is connected with INTERNATIONAL BRAND SPMT (blue), successfully transported the chemical tank which is 80 meter long, diameter 10meter, weight 1100 tone, this is the first domestic SPMT joint with foreign brands for similar products.

2、The field of architecture

On Nov. 30, 2010, two units of 250ton SPMT of ours, successfully completed the transportation of 180ton crane arm, 475 ton crane support, this transport almost reach to full loading condition, the transportation process completed in one time

3、The field of bridge building

In the past year, our SPMT successfully completed the girder transportation job in construction of NINGBO MINGZHOU bridge, JIAOZHOU city DONTINGHU road SHANLI river Bridge, etc.


On Sep. 12, 2010, our SPMT connected with hydraulic module trailer transported the 450 ton The ChangShong HEAVEN STONE from one small village in Wuwei city to the Gulang Village which is 9km far away.